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"In Mau Mau Sex Sex the fun is contagious."
—Elvis Mitchell, New York Times

"One hundred twenty-six breasts. Twelve dead bodies. Gorilla sex. Nekkid trampolining. Rare footage of Dave Friedman's sex scene in The Pick-Up (1968) and Dan Sonney's ONLY film appearance, in The Fabulous Bastard from Chicago. Rasslin. Chimpanzee acts. Vomit bags. Tongue-ripping. Whipping. Burlesque. Four Stars. Joe Bob says check it out."
—Joe Bob Briggs, UPI

"Docu stands as a fine celebration of rebels before rebels were cool. Hitting select venues around the country for single-night screenings, pic will soon enjoy a long life on the cult shelf in specialized vid stores."

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An in-depth interview with the filmmakers

A digital documentary from
7th Planet Productions

Mau Mau Sex Sex is a rambunctious ride through several decades of America's peculiar history of cinematic sexuality, in which the culture's repressed desires were shunted into the margins of show business. The movie simultaneously offers a poignant look at two old friends reflecting on their lives, families, and careers in the confines of a business deemed wholly unacceptable by the mainstream. In Mau Mau Sex Sex, you'll learn who has the last laugh.

The movie is a collaboration between producer/director Ted Bonnitt and writer/co-producer Eddie Muller. Executive producer is Keith Robinson, co-producer and editor of the Oscar-winning documentary When We Were Kings. It was shot entirely on digital video (DV) and makes extensive use of film clips from 60 years of "sexploitation." The 80-minute movie offers an inside look at the professional and personal partnership of Dan Sonney, 84, and Dave Friedman, 76, once the world's most prodigious purveyors of cinematic prurience.

MAU MAU SEX SEX Writer and co-producer EDDIE MULLER and Producer/Director TED BONNITT flank America's two oldest living salesmen of cinematic sin, DAVE FRIEDMAN (left) and DAN SONNEY. Photo taken at the SoCal film archive/warehouse of Mike Vraney's Something Weird Video, which contains literally billions of feet of celluloid sexcapades.