"This film is terrific. The bizarre and transgressive eroticism of the last few minutes is as shocking as anything I've seen on-screen this year."
--Scott Phillips, author of The Ice Harvest

"Five stars: A brilliant exercise in American Gothic."
--Matthew Sorrento, Film Threat (read entire review)

"Hunt looks marvelous at 90 and gives the part her all, right through the disturbing and shocking finale."
--Jeremy Arnold, TCM Movie News (read entire review)

"This little film creeped the hell out of me."
--Mike Cane, Mike Cane 2008 (read entire review)

"Muller has earned a reputation for breathing new life into lost classics. [Now] he showcases a new talent: film directing."
--Jenn Preissel, SF360 (read entire interview)

"Dark and disturbing."
--Angela Woodall, Oakland Tribune (read entire article)

"Haunting, historically compelling, well acted, and boasting surprising plot twists."
--Markshark, Film Radar (read entire review)

"Both Hunt and Dashe are fantastic in this noirish tale."
--Gary Sweeney, The Midnight Palace (read entire review)

"A goddamn knockout. Marsha Hunt and Leah Dashe are perfect."
--William Boyle, The Narrow Margin (read entire review)

"Muller's imaginative spin on San Francisco's notorious Zodiac killings is not only a riveting short story but an effective piece of film as well, especially because of Marsha Hunt's portrayal of Hazel Reedy, 'a milky-eyed recluse with a past darker than she can bear.' At 90 years old, Hunt's charisma is still commanding. You can't keep your eyes off her."
--Michael Guillen, The Evening Class (read entire review)

"Marsha Hunt, at 90, [has] returned to the screen after a 25-year absence. It was as if she never left. She is a phenomenal, incredible actress. I mean, we sat through classic Hollywood film noir, but this -- this was new. . . . Eddie's direction was nothing short of brilliant. . . . Marsha and terrific newcomer Leah Dashe starred. And Marsha -- Marsha took down the house."
--Kelli Stanley, Writing in the Dark (read entire review)